The following things are built for specific purposes,
if you find them useful, great, if not, well such is life.

Questions or comments? You can reach me at:


Current gaming stuff:

Stuff here is the current campaigns and materials in use.
Gurps Spaceships Unofficial Companion Current Fantasy Campaign Wiki


Old Gaming stuff:

This is old, no longer in use stuff.
Cerea island persistent world for NWN i Rolemaster house rules


Generators for RPGs:

Random generators I have for use in games.
Fantasy Treasure generator Fantasy encounter generator


Random GURPS spell generator Random effect/boon/perk/skill generator


Gaming stuff under work:

This Stuff is under construction, so likely unorganised and broken.
Star rangers Scifi setting for GURPS Myaasia world information rewrite


Upcoming Cerea 3 cluster for Shards online